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Optimus held out the data pad in one hand showing him the scans Jacob saw His entire insides had become unrecognizable, all he could recognize was a spark fans, even his brain a transformed into a processor. With shaking hands he suddenly felt sick. "Oh my god!" He exclaimed in shock. "That's not possible, it can't be possible oh my God!"|Optimus Prime; with his mask on. Optimus Prime (オプティマス・プライム, Oputimasu Puraimu), a Cybertronian was once a simple data clerk under the name Orion Pax (オライオン・パックス, Oraion Pakkusu), and satisfied with his job.It wasn't until he heard of an outspoken gladiator named Megatron and his call for an upheaval of Cybertron's society that he realized he was ...As good as all their kinky interfacing is, Optimus and Megatron aren't immune to things going wrong. This is a collection of short fics about the less good times, both with interfacing and communication. CH 1: aftercare & dom drop. CH 2: fisting-related injuries. Ch 3: valve injury, bottom optimus.|Transformers: Prime - His daughter, His best friend. Chapter 3. Sari sat on the sofa playing video games with Miko, Jack and Raf; Optimus was watching her his spark racing with what was going through his cerebral processors. He glanced at Ratchet, Bulkhead, Bumblebee and Arcee; and then lowered his gaze.|ratchet220. Flower Virus. Ratchet touch a blue flowers and he got sick. He been coughing of blue flower, growing flower on him and so sick. The team are worry about him and try to find a cure to heal him. ratchet transformer prime transformers. Optiratch - Dancing. Optimus and Ratchet are on their date and dancing together and I can't stop ..."Optimus is so sick, but he can still fight?" With each swing, duck, and attack, Optimus felt his energy drain faster and faster. His vision blurred and his mind felt extremely cloudy, and all the dust and dirt around him made him want to cough his throat wires. Two brothers, once upon a time they fighted side by side, now they are at each others throat. Optimus Prime, earlier on as Orion Pax and Megatron, former Meg...Optimus Prime comes to life as a collectable robot from Robosen and Hasbro. Bridget Carey/CNET In what may (arguably) be the greatest engineering achievement of our lifetime, consumers can now own ...|Fanfic: The last prime Ch 1, Transformers/Beast Wars | FanFiction. Prologue. "Get Elita to the vessel!" yelled Optimus as he held the horde of Decepticons at bay. Elita One, the sparkmate of Optimus Prime, raced with the others as fast as she could to get to the vessels so that she could get off of Cybertron, which had gone dark.A million years later, in the year 2010, a beacon from the planet Earth alerted the Transformers on Cybertron to the fact that the Mini-Cons had reawakened there. First Encounter Optimus Prime led a small Autobot unit consisting of Hot Shot (specifically chosen for the mission by Prime due to the recent loss of his friend Wheeljack Past II) and Red Alert to the planet, leaving his second-in ...Ha! (For reference this is the Optimus from the Shattered Glass Universe, where the Autobots are monstrous killers and the Decepticons are defenders of freedom and life) #Transformers #shattered glass #Optimus-prime #bayverse. wheelz-me. Follow. wheelz.me/optimus-prime-peterbilt-379. Just chapter 1 of my transformers prime fanfic. This fanfic will introduce and OC I've made for this series. I'll upload an OC chracter bio later on my other account. This takes place after Season 2 episode 9 "Grill" although no references will be made to that episode, yet.|Transformers Transformer Into Human Prime Turned Fanfiction . About Human Transformers Into Prime Fanfiction Transformer Turned . If you are looking for Transformers Prime Fanfiction Human Turned Into Transformer, simply will check out our text below : ...|Things We Don't Tell Humans, by Sinead Rivka is an ongoing Transformers Fanfic that follows the Autobots of the 2007 movie series as they learn to trust their new human allies with more and and more of their culture. As they make friendships and form alliances, it becomes plain that both the humans and the Autobots are more alike than they ever could have dreamed, and that the future of the ...|this was made to group together a large amount of fanfics that have the human characters from transformers turned into cybertronians this will mostly consist of TFP most likely. if you know of a human turned cybertronian fanfic and it is fairly completed or is at least good PM StayinFrosty212 the name or author. this is mostly made just to make it easier to find these kind of fanfics|Optimus nodded and a faint smile could barely be seen on the medic's faceplate as the Prime transformed and drove out of the base, hurrying to check on you. The others had watched Optimus left, and for a few seconds no one spoke a word, just giving one another confused glances..That is, until Miko broke the silence.|Oct 18, 2021 · The second he insults Optimus or any of your other team mates, you’re on his ass, lecturing him about how rude and disrespectful he is towards these bots who have done nothing but try to help the Autobot cause even though it wasn’t really their job in the first place. |Search: Transformers Prime Jack And Megatron Fanfiction. If you are not found for Transformers Prime Jack And Megatron Fanfiction, simply look out our article below :|Mrs. Optimus Prime is a fanfiction author that has written 49 stories for Phantom of the Opera, Dracula, Transformers/Beast Wars, Twilight, Transformers, Vampire Academy, Silence of the Lambs/Hannibal, Alice in Wonderland, 2010, Vampire Hunter D, and Ghost and Mrs. Muir.

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